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For many years the Building and Construction Lawyers at Sievers Lee have assisted clients in obtaining the best possible outcome in building disputes.

Sievers Lee also provides comprehensive building contract advice designed to prevent building disputes from the outset.

Obtaining building contract advice prior to signing a building contract can prevent costly ligitation between home owners and builders at a subsequent date.

Some of the items that home owners should check when building a new home include:

  • That the contract makes adequate provision for liquidated damages. Liquidated damages represent a monetary amount that accrues to the home owner as compensation for the builder failing to complete the works by the completion date.
  • That the completion date is realistic and achievable.
  • That all the items that the owner wishes to have constructed and installed are included in the plans and the specifications. That the builder is a registered builder and has current insurance.

There are also prudent practices that builders should follow e.g.ensuring that any variations and extras are reduced to writing. This involves outlining clearly what the variation or extra is, specifying the cost of this item as well as setting out an accurate estimate of delay to the completion date.

These are but a few of the issues that need to be considered. If you would like building contract advice or assistance in dealing with a construction dispute, please contact us.

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